• The multinational energy company received an award for its Commitment to Health and Safety initiative, in place throughout the entire organisation, its levels and businesses since 2011.
  • GAS NATURAL FENOSA has included its commitment to health and safety for employees, partner companies and clients within its lines of action, making these priority values for the companies.

GAS NATURAL FENOSA has received an award at the DuPont Safety and Sustainability Awards, the most internationally recognised distinction in terms of health and safety, in an ceremony that took place in Singapore. The multinational energy company won the Award for Safety in EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa) for the projects included in their initiative Commitment to Health and Safety, introduced in 2011 and which has enabled it to reduce work-related accidents by 72%.

The company focused intensely on transformation, by developing a cultural change and including health and safety transversally in all of its activities; thus involving not only its employees but also partner companies, clients and the general public, understanding well-being as a general concept.

“Our company bears in mind that nothing is more important than people’s safety, health and well-being. The key to success has been the leadership shown by the Management team; an ambitious training and communications plan and a collaborative work environment that has made it easier for everyone in the organisation to feel that they were taking part and involved in this project, adopting healthy habits and making them transcend the boundaries of the workplace”, said Antonio Gella, Prevention, Health, Environment and Quality Assurance Director at GAS NATURAL FENOSA.

“We are pleasantly surprised with the project developed by GAS NATURAL FENOSA and this prize serves as recognition of its achievements and commitment to excellence in safety. Just like DuPont, we believe that introducing security measures does not only mean that companies become better corporate organisations but that they also become more competitive and efficient”, says Davide Vassallo, Managing Director of DuPont Sustainable Solutions.

Commitment to Health and Safety Plan

The energy multinational introduced the Commitment to Health and Safety Plan in 2011, focused on safety in the workplace, at facilities and in processes, as well as on an industrial level, integrating well-being and safety as one of its main priorities. A cultural change was introduced with this initiative so that health and safety would become a part of the company’s culture and DNA.

One of the project’s main challenges was to make the initiative transversal. It was therefore promoted directly by senior management, enabling its implementation at all levels and in all businesses and countries in which GAS NATURAL FENOSA operates, taking into account the different social and cultural features and resources of each country. One of the project’s milestones was to ensure that the company’s activity is carried out with the same security standards, independently of where it takes place.

The company managed to introduce new tools as well as information and communication actions for the entire group, focusing mainly on training, during which in 2016 alone, nearly 240,000 hours of training were given on health and safety. These training sessions were aimed at company employees and lead by senior members of the management team.

With the aim of eliminating unsafe behaviour, over 68,000 safety observations were made, focused around raising awareness on preventive conducts that could be improved. 134,000 documented inspections were also carried out, focused on the supervision of activities in partner companies and over 12,000 periodic meetings on health and safety were held, with the aim of consolidating this change.

All of this has led the company to obtain recognition in several ways in the area of health and safety, such as the AENOR Healthy Business Model certification in 2015, making it the first multinational energy company to receive it. In the same way, it was also included in the Spanish Network of Healthy Businesses in 2016, as well as being awarded the prize for road safety by the project Ponle Freno by Atresmedia, and the international Employee Safety and Fleet Safety award by AGA (American Gas Association).

About DuPont

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Barcelona, 07 September 2017.


Ruth Otero, from the Prevention Department at GAS NATURAL FENOSA, receiving the prize from Louis Wusteman from LexisNexis UK, member of the jury of the ceremony that took place in Singapore.